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success with tips from the 60 dating tips e-book.It had been ages since I had been out on a date and since I was now back on the market I decided to pull out my old copy of 60 Dating Tips.

The book had worked for me before and so I knew it would work again so with my trusty copy in hand I revamped my profile on the Kiwi Fuck Buddy website and set out to find myself some action.

It didn’t take long before I was chatting with a real hotty (at least her profile pictures suggested she was a real hotty, you know with these online dating sites that you never really know until you finally meet what someone actually looks like)

After exchanging a few messages (I included some gems I had learnt from the 60 Dating Tips book) we agreed we should meet.

The first date was a huge success and she was an absolute stunner, I was so happy that I had re-read my copy of 60 dating tips and that first date went like a dream. We met on 2 more occasions for coffee during the day and then in the last message on Kiwi fuck Buddy she suggested we meet that evening.

She told me to pick her up downtown at the bottom of Queen st. My heart raced at the thought of getting to see her again and this time there was no mention of coffee and it was an evening date. I wondered what she was wearing. I loved the pictures of her in jeans, but on the dates she had been wearing slacks with a button up shirt and she looked so sexy in them, especially when she bends over a little and you can see the swell of her breasts, sometimes even a bit of her nipples. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her green eyes, blond hair, her rocking body.

I see her walking up the sidewalk, strong steps, shoes with a little heel, wearing a light colored pea jacket. She is so graceful, my heart races so much I get a little out of breath. She gets in the car and I suddenly feel a wash of happiness getting to see her and be with her, even if just for a little while. I have to breathe through my mouth for a second because my heart is beating so hard, I need the air. Like I am running. I feel an ache of desire for her, but I know she is not in the same place yet.

I take off and ask her to unbutton her coat, to let me see underneath it. You can tell she thinks it is a little funny, but she does it to humour me. Little does she know how much it affects me. The curve of her breasts, her thighs, the shape of waist and hips. She is so good it almost hurts, but she is oblivious to the impact she is making on me. I know she is not hot yet, but I am ready to go full scale. I concentrate on waiting a little bit, playing it cool. It is very hard to wait. My cock is swelling I want her so bad it is hard to think.
I tell her how good she looks to me (if I told her I was ready to drop before her and kiss her feet, she would probably freak out). I start driving and we head back to my apartment which is only a few minutes away. Once we are back at my place we open a bottle of wine and sit on the couch, the wine starts to work it’s magic and before long the conversation starts to get a little riske’ until we are laughing so hard at some of the outrageous suggestions that are being made.

I ask her to lift up her skirt, She rolls her eyes a little, but she complys, enjoying the sexual undercurrent. I am so hot, my chest hurts. I gasp when I see her skin, her panties. I can’t wait, I start to touch immediately. I am entranced.  I want her absolutely.

successful online datingI run my fingers around her panty line. Softly. I pull out her panties so I can see the top of her pussy. It is all I can do not to stop and rip her clothes off and kiss her lips, bury my face in her pussy while I squeeze her naked ass . Taste her, finger her, show her off. I try and control myself. I let myself run my fingers over her slit. Not wet at all. It is amazing, I am tight like a piano wire with lust and desire and she is just getting started. I lick my finger and run it around her labia, her opening, round her clit. I love it so much. She likes how I look at her. She is finally starting to notice how hot for her I am. She sees the bulge in my pants and realizes she is rocking my world. That gets her started. That and the fingers gently playing in her crotch.

I stare and touch her opening, she is starting to get wet. She asks to suck my cock…no way, not yet, I get to look at her a little longer. I play with everything, I look at every thing. I ask her to show me her ass, she rolls her eyes a little, but pulls her self open so I can see. I want her now!  I touch her pussy while staring at her opening and her ass, She enjoys how hot I am getting. I touch her ass…lick my finger and touch her pussy and ass again…I sneak in a taste of her pussy and ass by licking my finger again, pretending I am creating wetness, but really I just have to get closer to her, immerse myself in her.

I want to suck her, lick her, taste her. Her jucies are starting to flow. I play with her ass some more and watch as I put on just a little pressure…she starts to open up, ah it turns me on so much I love this, she says doesn’t like it with her eyes, but her pussy betrays her by really starting to pump wetness. Ass sex is always strange to her, but it always make her hot and makes her cum. She watches me, but I watch her ass, her pussy, her body, her everything.
She says, “Let me suck you.” OK I can do that now that her pussy is wet and her ass is starting to open up to me.

I am waiting for it, the part I love so much, when I can see the curve of her ass. I try to focus, I want to see her neckline, her mouth, her face, her hair, her shoulders. I want to see her bend over. She is opening her mouth, she is about to take me in. My focus flames. I glance at her ass again, her reflection, her pussy and perfect rosebud, I feel weak, the softness of her mouth is on me. Fireworks, shortness of breath…incredible desire…my brain is exploding…I reach around and start to touch her pussy. I grunt loudly as I touch the wetness.

I start to fuck her ass with my finger hard, she squirms and says no it is too dirty. Her voice turns me on even more, her words even more than that. I touch her pussy and confirm she is really pumping out the juice. I can’t help myself, I drag the wetness back up to her ass and finger fuck her some more. She is so tight, so slick. She moans a little, I don’t think she even realizes she did it. I am getting so hot, I push her head onto my cock as I play with her clit. She is now really squirming and moaning, I keep up the clit and slip in her pussy. She fucks my hand, I am about to explode, but I am so focused on her…I want her cum, I want her hot, I want her dirty.

I want her to look up in my eyes and say, “I am your slut, your whore, I will do anything you want” , I love the way she looks, the way she is moving around, moaning and grinding. She is getting close. I push my thumb up her ass and keep up pressure on her clit, her insides are pumping now, squeezing me. Oh my god, she just took me to another incredible level. I feel high, on top of the world, filled with lust for her, I pull up her shirt so I can see her back, her bra, watch her pump my hand. I feel it coming and I give her just the rythm she needs. She moans around my cock as she cums hard, her ass and pussy grasping my fingers.

I feel her wetness fill my hand, I feel her squeeze my thumb, I see her hump her back and push against me, she shoves my cock down her throat and she moans and grunts. I feel her cum go through me, I have never felt anything like this before ever. When I am in tune and she cums, we come together. No drug could ever be this good.

She starts coming down from her orgasm, now my physical need takes over, I fuck her mouth hard, I can’t stop. I finger fuck her hard, I stare at her body. She gags on my cock, comes off, but goes right back down, unbelievably that takes me even higher, even harder. I am whimpering and grunting now, this is the best thing I have ever felt. I fuck her mouth even harder, I push past the ring in her throat over and over. She gags each time, but goes back down like a hero. My orgasm is starting.

She is gagging and sucking, her body is humping up, her wetness is pumping out……I go black….I hear screams and realize they are my own…my entire brain resets…I have no idea where I am at, I just feel her….she is still sucking my cock dry.

I know that this is just the beginning and soon my cock will be delving deep inside her but that another story.

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