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60 Tips for a fantastic first date is a book written by Rebecca Leys.

For $7 Rebecca will provide you with 63 fantastic tips that will help you have a successful first date.

Do not underestimate this, If you want to have more sex than you have ever had before you need to at least make the first date successful.

Now some things to remember,firstly, the advice is generic. It has to be. It’s in a book. The author doesn’t know you. The author doesn’t know the people you will date. BUT, what the author DOES know is what most men find attractive in a potential partner. What most women find attractive in a potential partner. And what people find attractive in other people.

First dates are as different from each other as the people who are on them. I can’t predict the best thing for you in particular to say to the person you will date next week, next month or next year. I can’t guess what exact interpretations the person you’ve with will put on your behavior. I can’t say what past experiences they may have had that will affect their decision-making process on that date. All I can do is give you my best advice on how to be hugely likeable, impressive, have wonderful manners and give your date a really good time.

Now, you and I both know that the person we meet on a first date is not the REAL person. No matter how honest, genuine and straightforward they are, everything they say and do is filtered by us. It’s filtered through our past experiences. Our assumptions about people who look like this. Our expectations. Our hopes. Our dreams.

Only gradually, through long exposure, do we get to know all the facets of that person’s personality. To see them, not our own image of them.

First dates are essentially artificial things. But they can still be lovely and wonderful. Plenty of people talk about the value of finding someone with whom you can ‘be yourself.’ But not many actually examine what self they mean by that.

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